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About me


Mi chiamo Cristina e sono un entusiasta per natura, con una smisurata passione per la moda, risiedo a Milano e ho fatto diverse esperienze lavorative in vari settori, ma tutte inerenti alla moda/comunicazione/vendita.
Ho fatto per circa 15 anni l’indossatrice/modella/ragazza immagine, dopodiché ho lavorato per una grossa distribuzione (Coin) come addetta alla vendita e successivamente come responsabile ufficio stampa redazionali a stretto contatto con le giornaliste di moda e arredamento di quasi tutte le testate femminili che ci sono sul mercato e in edicola.
Dal 2001 ho intrapreso una nuova avventura per mio conto che consiste nella creazione di capi d’abbigliamento e accessori donna (prima prodotti in Italia ora estero) coadiuvata da tutto ciò che al ritorno dai miei viaggi sono riuscita a scovare nei flee market o da nascenti stiliste o artigiani a parer mio molto validi.
Il mio gusto è apprezzato al punto che a richiesta mi dedico anche a consigliare nelle scelte, in completa autonomia espressiva in via amichevole e molto sincera donne/ragazze/uomini che, per svariate ragioni (tempo, gusto, amicizia, consiglio spassionato, indirizzi negozi, provenienza altra città ) si rivolgono a me alle volte anche solo per chiacchierare, stare in compagnia, chiedere opinioni, ecco perché mi definisco una personal-Buddy-shopper.
Sono disponibile su Milano come Personal Shopper, closet adviser, personal-Buddy-shopper, personal Stylist, consulenze moda, fashion designer, interior fashion decor.
I miei indirizzi oltreMilano  i soliti brand conosciuti o meno, comprendono anche negozietti emergenti o di tendenza, con molta scelta e riguardano qualsiasi tipo di prodotto dal l’abbigliamento alla cosmetica ai viaggi alla casa per uomo/donna/bambino, la maggior parte delle volte con prodotti già testati personalmente.  


44 thoughts on “About me

  1. complimenti ottima presentazione

  2. About me….molto interessante e ricco di argomenti!

  3. Help me. Anto

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate it very much. 😀

  5. Thanks for the recent like of my blog post, “Tea time.” It led me to your interesting blog, which I am now following.

    BTW – I love the picture of the turtles! It reminds me of the turtles we see sunning themselves on a log when we’re out kayaking.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.


    • Hi! Thank a lot and to be honest. ..I like your blog tooo!!! About the turtles I really love animals every kind and I took that picture in a place I adore Bali. Keep in touch and thank you again!

  6. Hi Cristina! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is so cheerful, your Curiosity posts just made me smile. I’m following you now and looking forward to more of your posts. Have a great weekend, ciao! ~ Mary

    • Thanks a lot you’re so nice!!!! I like your blog is very interesting and please keep in contact have a nice weekend!! I hope to speak with you soon! Thanks again°○°○°☆

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the “like”, best wishes 🙂

  8. what an interesting life…ah….Italian fashion. . . The first time we went to Italia in the 80s, I was anxious to buy shoes. The salesperson would just look at my large American feel, hold out her hand and say, ” Mama Mia, multo-grande!” But on later trips there were many to choose from! I have a couple of posts on Rome and anticipate more. I loved the Galleria and Cathedral in Milano! thanks for visiting my blog . I hope you will return again soon and often….namaste…..

    • ’80 a very good period… in Italy something is changed….I’m thinking about your funny story…the shoes…..but anyway I live in Milano and I really like my city, but I also. …I love to travel a lot and seems that you like too so… we have a common point…pretty good! !! I have to tell you that I like your blog and absolutely we have to keep in touch! !!!°○°

  9. Carissima grazie per la tua attenzione. Teniamoci in contatto. Hai la mia email. Bello il tuo blog. Mariagrazia Toniut

  10. Grazie del tuo passaggio Cristina, e’ bellissimo il tuo blog, adoro fare shopping e tu fai un lavoro stupendo, un caro saluto e buon inizio settimana!!Laura.

  11. Thanks riccio170 for liking a post on my blog I guess you are in Italy. I’m finding some relation in Italy in the furniture trading field since we offer Italian furniture style. Do you think there is a space for doing this.
    Nice Hair Style 🙂

    • Hi! Yes I’ m in Italy and, about your question, of course there is a space for you even if, right now is not the most economic positive period but in any case if you belive in what you’re doing keep going and find the best way to porpose your stuff! Have a nice day!°○°

  12. Hello, Thanks for your kind reply .. it was really awesome you take the time to do it.
    In terms of business relationships, do you know somebody in this field? …. some database of those who are trading furniture in Italy, and/or can you be our agent there selling those items against attractive commission scheme …
    This is my direct contact if you are or somebody in your relations network is interested
    You too have a nice day and all days 🙂

    • I ‘ m sorry but I don’t know anyone at the moment and my field is different is about fashion! What I can tell you is that there are many interesting market in Italy but could be to expensive to participate. ….but in any case I have your adress about your business and if I’ll know somebody interest I mention your name! Bye bye! °○°

  13. Tante grazie – that’s unfortunately all I can come up with in Italian now – for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful presence here and I will be back to see more; so fresh, alive and colorful! And fun to try to read for someone who dabbled a little in Italian after visiting years ago.

    • Thank you so much! !! I like your blog too!!! Also….I’ happy to speak with you cause I love english language and so….I think is pretty good for both! Have a nice weekend°○°☆

  14. Thanks for your interest in “Tails from Paris”. We’re now following your blog.

    Hey ! You know you can treat yourself with a little trip to Paris if you feel like it :

    And you’re back for dinner : we promise !

    Alix & Roxane

  15. I just translated you about page. Wow! You have such an interesting creating life. I am going to a wedding in December. Must look through those fabulous pictures of yours for ideas. Thanks so much for dropping by “Honey.”

    • Thanks a lot…..yeah my life is a mirror of me, I mean I try to do exactly what I like!!!! The wedding day is one of the most important day of a woman life and I can immagine your existing. …so I hope you will enjoy of course and yours guests will have a fun…..and the wedding dress, the flowers and everything else!!! The best wishes for you!!! Have a nice day! °○°

  16. While I cannot read the words the picture is outstanding:)

    • I don’t really know a moment ago I couldn’t see my about me and now everything is ok… try again I checked right now and it’s working! thanks for your report! Have a nice day!°○°

  17. Thanks for checking my site: are you also a personal-buddy-blogger? 🙂

  18. Ciao Cristina ! Super cool il tuo blog !!! Mi piace tantissimo il tuo stile 😉 A presto !! Thais

    • Ciao!!! Sono contenta che sei venuta a dare uno sguardo al mio blog, cosi’ ho scoperto con piacere che anche tu ne hai uno…so cute and interesting… e che belle foto!!! Complimenti!!! See you soon and… thanks!!°○°

  19. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking a post!! I hope you enjoy the rest of my posts!!!

  20. complimenti per la tua presentazione…


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